This Christmas was a special one. There were empty seats at the table, the empty seats that have been empty for such a long time, the newly empty seat of the ones that last year weren’t, and the empty seat that was not supposed to be empty. But there also were the occupied seats of always and of new people joining in.
At the end of the day we did miss in our hearts the ones that were missing but we did enjoy the ones that were present.
There are grinch people who say that Christmas season is somehow hypocrite, I believe that it is a time where we get to spend time with people that are usually far and we don’t get to see often, or the ones we dislike, but just for this time we have an unspoken truce of peace, of enjoying ourselves and the moment we’re in.
Whether it was with family or friends, it was a nice time with the loved ones. A very nice time.