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We all have been there, we’ve had our hearts broken by ‘a loved one, that one person that we thought to be our soul-mates, or our missing half.
Why does it hurts so much?
I think we tend to make up science fiction stories and chick flick movies in our minds about how we imagine things we would turn out. Instead of living in the moment and not think about it, we give much think. Like Mr. Darcy said on Pride and Prejudice “… A lady’s imagination jumps from admiration, to love, to marriage, in a moment.”
How do you know when someone really loves you?
I’ve been asking around and some people have told me it’s the way the person acts when he/she is around you, he/she will not say it.
Tho, what if somebody, shows you by his/her actions that is inlove with you, and then breaks up with you, is it because he or she no longer loves you?
Not long ago a date I had told me that he loved me, cared about me, and actually I do believe that! By his actions he showed it, but then he said he no longer wanted to date me because he didn’t have the time to show it. At least is what I interpreted of what he said.
But, isn’t it supposed to be, that if someone loves you then he or she will find the time to show it. But how much time is it supposed to be?
For example, I love my mother, tho we don’t live together I still find time to call her, I try to obey her in any way I can and show her that I love her.
I also love my best friend and even tho we don’t go out every weekend or have long phone calls every night, I still care about her and love her!
I think if you love someone you’ll try to spend quality time with that someone, not just a tremendous quantity of time with them.
Also, what do you talk about with your loved ones, do you lie to them? Do you always tell the truth and try to be honest? Maybe you tell him/her the so called white lies…
However you live love, wether you show it or you act on it, I think is something that shouldn’t hurt anyone.