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What a GREAT and AWESOME event! I went home very happy and feeling that being all my Saturday there had been worth it.

The Registration was innovative, tho SLOW! And I can’t believe the machine didn’t ask my e-mail. Tho, other than that the rest was great!

I will write about my favorite ones tho all of them were incredible and have amazing jobs.

I’ll start talking about JOSHUA DAVIS. Let’s just say that after yesterday I’m one of her Fans! I even ask him for a picture and his autograph! Woha!

He talked about play and work, and people working for living. Work and play aren’t antonyms! He encourage the audience to try things, to keep it simple and embrace collaboration.

He also mention that ”The type of you make is the type of work you’ll get paid to do.” So you’d better like what you do and then is when work becomes play.

Some of his personal work includes patterns and designs based and inspired on other patterns carpet patterns and floor pattern that he’s seen. He actually showed us pictures of these.

He has worked with BMW, IBM, Wired, DeadMau5 and others.

It was so much fun having him around at OFFF and great helping him color one of his designs.

here’s the link to he’s website: http://joshuadavis.com/

and this is how part of the design look in the end.

Moving on to my next favorite artist/designer after OFFF México.


This guy has been doing some awesome work with apps for biking and all. Really HEAVY stuff! Tho my favorite multimedia work of his is the one that you can see here:

is for Adidas, and the project is AdiZero.



This guys talked about pitching and delusional optimism.

The problem about all this pitching thing with advertising, about winning or losing and not just losing because the clients didn’t choose you! But that you just spent money and time, so you’ve lost more.

So this guys have been working on a project that involves all their works for pitching that didn’t win with their clients.

They also mention a pattern in the advertising business, like there’s a kind of formula for it and also that advertising is production machine were you have to appeal to the majority for the clients, that’s when it all becomes mainstream.

The Mill also encourage the audience to ”Do something that you are passionate about.”

Some of their coolest works are this ones:

Norfolk Southern

The Youg Director Award.

Ciclope | The Dark Arts

”Think of each of us as a voice and all of us a conversation, so try not to go over the same thing over and over but keep on moving forward.” -The Mill

here’s the link to their site:



He works with Nanika (Something Else) and has worked on some apps such as Hana, that puts your computer to dream about flowers! He says that The Earth smiles with flowers so, why not dreaming about them?

Another of his works is Lamp North, a lamp that shuts off it is pointing north and brightens when it isn’t. His inspiration for this: Wherever you are in the world, there is always a place that is important to you.

He worked with Hyundai i40 here’s the Ad.

He also mention the following IMPORTANT stuff:

  • Giving advice is easy.
  • Be scared, it’s OK.
  • EVERYTHING is AMAZING! and nobody notices it.
  • People LOVE telling stories, help them.
  • Interesting work, brings interesting clients.
  • And most importan. STOP comparing yourself with the rest of the internet!



I LOVE the work of this man! I’ll just leave you his work and the link of his site, it speaks for itself, and hopefully you love it too.

Things Fall Apart

Glasgow Commonwealth Games Opening for 2014

Mechanisms of Passion. Calibre de Cartier


Dragon Award Talent | Fear/Love

site: http://theronin.co.uk/Motion/



From Spain this is another one I love and can just leave you their work so you can love them too!

They asked one guy from the audience to help them with the presentation and gave him this keyboard.

Site: http://www.brosmind.com/