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Expectations. Plans. Perfectionism.

This three simple things (complicated actually) combined, are the worst recipe EVER. At least for my recovery, for my health, mental health specially.


Refreshes in every sense. Perrie

I don’t usually make plans, but when I do I pretty much like to get them done, on time, and when I fail for unknown reasons or known reasons but that are out of my reach to change or can’t handle… let’s just say I hate it and pretty much I’d like to kill anyone or everyone that helped me not to accomplish my plans. The bad thing is that I get so mad I in a way feel guilty or shy or whatever and won’t say a word to anyone, or complain about it, I would just walk around mad and hating life.

So today that happend. And rather than stay with my ruined plans and the people who made that possible, I went out for a walk, got a Perrier (it was a hot evening and I kinda like relate Perrier with refreshment, fresh moments and coolness. I think it has to do with all the ads I’ve seen of Perrier.)

Good thing, there are Starbucks

in like every corner around here, so a good perrier and a cup of coffee calms everybody down.