It’s not the first time someones comes by saying that kids are transparent small people, smart, honest, innocent.

Today I was baby-sitting, as usual and as usual the kid started to talk to me about things that worried her. This time she was worried about what she would be when she grows up and where would she live.

After a while of thinking and analysing her options (without my help or opinion) she figure she wanted to be an english teacher, and that she wants to live in her hometown and that she hates her father’s job.

Now we are talking here about a six year old. And I thought: why is so worried about that? I mean she has a long way to go before deciding what she’s majoring at in college or university! Kids now days.

Anyway, a while after all this she asked me what I’d like to be when I grow up, and then my mind went blank. I’m a 21 year old adult now and I study Marketing and Advertising and I’d like to study psychology someday. But that’s what I do. Not what I want to be. Who do I want to be? I wonder.

It troubles me in a way, not being able to answer right away like the other kid who said I want to build stuff like malls, city buildings and all that stuff; and this coming from an 11 year old.

I think I have to rearrange my priorities and be honest with myself about what I want and what I like, even tho it seems childish. They say we only get to live once, right? So why wouldn’t we do what fills us up?

By the way, I’m not saying I dislike what I do now, I love it, but I wouldn’t die for it. I don’t feel passionate about it at the moment.